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Use www.416.tel branding on your signage and advertising. This easy-to-remember brand will target your local customers.

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www.416.tel is memorable. Your local customers already know their area code. All you need them to remember is your brand.
Chances are, your current 416 phone number is hard to remember. So how do you expect drive-by customers to remember it?
Your 416 identity becomes so easy for your local customers to remember your brand.
No one else can have your brand once you lease it. Become recognized as the exclusive business or service with that generic brand in the 416 calling area.
Your truck is your free billboard. Use it to promote your exclusive brand in the 416 calling area.
You control the brand for the 416 area. No other business will get into this exclusive directory if you get here first. You own the generic for your product or service.